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Radio Today Thursday's programme schedule
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Time Programme Presenter Time Programme Presenter
0100-0600 BBC World Service BBC 1045-1100 Music -
0600-0630 Big Band Wake Up Call - 1100-1200 Angels on air Shannon Walbran
0630-0700 Easy Morning Live Gordon Hoffman 1200-1300 BBC World Briefing BBC News
0700-0705 News, Headlines & Weather Gordon Hoffman 1300-1400 Conversations with Nikki Nikki Seberini
0705-0800 Easy Morning Live Gordon Hoffman 1400-1500 Snips & Snippets Johnathon Taylor
0800-0810 News Gordon Hoffman 1500-1505 EWN Community News Wrap EWN
0810-0825 Easy Morning Live Gordon Hoffman 1505-1700 Contemporary Business Ivor Blumenthal
0825-0830 Economic News Gordon Hoffman 1700-1730 Focus on Africa BBC News
0830-0840 Easy Morning Live Gordon Hoffman 1730-1800 iStart2 Pierre du Toit
0840-0845 Sports News Gordon Hoffman 1800-1830 The Crux of the Matter Alfred Lephoi
0845-0900 Easy Morning Live Gordon Hoffman 1830-1900 ProBono Law Patrick Bracher
0900-1000 Jozi Today Natasha Bearam-Edmunds 1900-2000 Early Evening Music -
1000-1030 Reading Matters Sue Grant-Marshall 2000-2200 The Rock Professor Chris Prior
1030-1045 Daily Devotion Rev Kevin de Beer 2200-2300 Solid Blond Mel Walker & Nicole de Gruncy
      2300-0100 Music -