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Radio Today Sunday's programme schedule
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Time Programme Presenter Time Programme Presenter
0100-0600 BBC World Service BBC News 1500-1530 High Adventure Drama
0600-0630 Choral Music Selection - 1530-1600 Comedy Drama
0630-0700 Devotion & Worship Music Rev Gavin Wood 1600-1630 Reading Matters Sue Grant Marshall
0700-0830 Sunday Morning at seven Liz King 1630-1700 C'est si bon Ruth Diskin
0830-1000 Morning Star Claire Marshall 1700-1800 Majestic Memories Henni Erasmus
1000-1100 Evelyn's Choice Evelyn Levitz 1800-1900 That Gramaphone Show Neill Star
1100-1200 New York! New York! Anita Scott 1900-2000 You don't know what you've got Anton Coy  
1200-1300 My Choice Scott McCrae 2000-2100 LM Hit Parade Frans Erasmus
1300-1400 Annie & Sam's Showtime Annabel Linder & Sam Sklair 2100-2200 Keep it country Lance James
1400-1500 Good Times Club (Repeat) Rosalie Lotis & Edward Masache 2200-0100 Music -