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Edward Chamberlain-Bell


Edward Chamberlain-Bell
JoziStyle: Saturdays 12h00-13h00 GMT+2

My show is about what to eat, where to go, and who to know. It’s a bit like Fashion Police for foodies but I also cover travel and lifestyle.

What I enjoy most about my show is that I get to promote what I love about Jozi. There are so many talented people who contribute to our community which makes it a pleasure to promote them. I have full creative control to create content, schedule guests and produce it. When it’s great, it’s great; but, when it’s bad, it’s me!

If I wasn’t a radio presenter… I’ve always had a passion for communication, media and content, so somewhere there. But, I am a radio presenter, so next question…

My greatest highlight has always been meeting interesting people who I would ordinarily never have had the opportunity to meet had I not been on Radio Today. JoziStyle is often shortlisted as the ‘go to’ foodie show by local and international chefs.

My most embarrassing moments? Too many to mention, but I do think it is important to acknowledge them with a sense of humour and move on with the show. I always listen to the podcasts of my shows so I can critique myself.

If someone wanted to become a radio presenter I would encourage them to just go for it. It is a lot of fun, even harder work, but it is incredibly rewarding- although, sometimes I think that a real job would be easier.

I love Johannesburg because of the positive energy. I was reluctant to move here fifteen years ago because I always heard how aggressive it was but I’ve experienced nothing but hospitality and opportunity. Jozi really is the city of gold- and JoziStyle loves that!

I’m proud to be associated with Radio Today Johannesburg because of the incredibly talented people I get to work with. Unlike commercial radio stations, our editorial output is independent of advertisers.

I’m inspired by restaurants that push authentic flavours without compromising on creativity, nutrition or sustainability.
Edward Chamberlain-Bell | JoziStyle

I have a responsibility to promote dining experiences for Jozi foodies, but I take issue with people who mistake frivolous criticism for constructive critique- especially when restaurateurs are creating employment opportunities within the hospitality sector.

Between recordings I manage my own digital marketing agency, attend media launches and produce content for my blog and social media platforms. My job has become my lifestyle: in that work is pleasure, and pleasure makes for great content.

My personal motto: Regret nothing, forgive everyone.



  • I look forward to noon on Saturdays when I head to the kitchen or some other occupation that allows me to listen to all Edward Chamblain-Bell has to say.

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