One thought on “Errol Ballantine (Copy)

  • Hi Errol. I happened to hear your Financial Planner guy on the air today 22-8-2016.
    He trotted out all the usual stuff that they all trot out, especially that tired old chestnut about time in the market, not timing the market, that’s so old it’s out of copyright by now. I’m rather surprised he didn’t bring up chestnut number two…There’s never been a better time time to be in equities.
    Strangely enough I DID NOT hear him mention a word about the fact that the buy-and-hope strategy he fully recommends just doesn’t cut it any more, nor did he mention the sad fact that the US federal Reserve has been issuing dud cheques by way of its counterfeit/funny money printing programme called QE since 2008. (about 90 months and counting) Incidentally that rise on the stock market is about to go down the lift shaft and this time the central banks are toast, they have now run out of bullets to try another rescue.
    Before I go, next time you invite him along for his ‘expert’ advice just ask him if he’s fully up to speed on the fact that globally fully 30% of the sovereign and corporate bonds out there are now offering NEGATIVE INTEREST RATES…Or, you pay THEM to hold your cash.! This is TOXIC for pension funds, all living annuities and buy-and-hope portfolios.
    Lastly, I suggest you stay well clear of this guy in the financial planning advice sector, he’s out of touch, he’s offering cookie-cutter advice which is WRONG and he’s going to lose his clients a bundle before 2017 rolls around. My advice? Be more concerned about the return OF your capital than the return ON your capital.

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