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Time Presenter Programme
01:00-06:00 BBC World Service News: BBC through the night
06:00-09.00 Tom London Tom London
09:00-10:00 Natashia Bearam-Edmunds Jozi Today
10:00-10:30 Sue Grant-Marshall Reading Matters
10:30-10:45 Rev John Lewis Daily Devotion (Methodist Church)
10:45-11:00 Music Music
11:00-12:00 Shannon Walbran Angels on Air – Spirit Guide Interpretation for individuals and groups
12:00-13:00 NEWS: BBC World Service News: BBC World Briefing
13:00-14:00 Music After-Lunch Music Selection
14:00-15:00 Music After-Lunch Music Selection
15:00-15:05 EWN (News) Daily Community News Wrap
15:05-16:00 Ivor Blumenthal Contemporary Business
16:00-17:00 Ivor Blumenthal Contemporary Business
17:00-17:30 NEWS: BBC World Service News: Focus on Africa
17:30-18:00 Pierre du Toit iSTART2
Imagine a new future together. A “Sustainability-Through- Arts” global movement in which communities will participate in re-imagining and implementing solutions towards ensuring sustainable footprints for our children.
18.00-18:30 Paul Pereira Changing Destiny
“South Africa changes before our eyes – so quickly we sometimes don’t notice. Trends, change-makers and challenges to goodness are here – inChanging Destiny.” What say you?
18:30-19:00 Patrick Bracher / Jackie Kanapi & Sipho Masigo ProBono Law or Bua Mzanzi
19:00-20:00 Music Music
20:00-22:00 Chris Prior The Rock Professor
22:00-23:00 Mel Walker & Nicole de Gruchy Solid Blonde (Classic Rock)
23:00-01:00 Music Late Night Music